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Brothers’ Cup at Piezano’s

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Sometime late this week, Piezano’s (2740 South St, Lincoln, NE, 474.3355) will be taking delivery of a keg of Brothers’ Cup.

The Modern Monks will be hanging out on Tuesday, January 8th, from 7.30pm on…for an evening of pizza, pasta and Brothers’ Cup and maybe some old school video games. For those of you that are cyclicsts, some of the gang from the TNMWR will probably be around…sounds like a great mix of food, beer, and people. There may even be some cellared bottles of previous Modern Monks beers being sampled. We are hoping Brother Robert or Brother David can find something hidden away in their cellars…maybe some stuff from the days of brewing on Bob’s 3BBL system still exists…

Stop by and have a pint and say hi…we’ll be looking forward to seeing you!