Birth of a Tripel

Yesterday was a busy day indeed for the Monks.   The door to the walk in cooler was attached thus completeing the construction of the beer cave, the St. Meinrads Qaudrupel was kegged, and then they found time to brew a Tripel.  Mainly pilsner malt with some aromatic tossed in and some beet sugar make up this delicious ale.  Unfortunately brother Josh forgot the camera so no documentation of the photo variety is avaliable to post.

Stay tuned for in the coming weeks the Monks will be releasing information on the release party for the St. Meinrads Quadrupel. 

5 Responses to “Birth of a Tripel”

  1. Brendan Says:

    Don’t forget that Westmalle strain… Possibly wrangled from the chapel d’empyrean?

    I am curious how the ferment is going. My guess…

    It’s messy.

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, you are right! We did happen upon a very nice pitch of Westmalle from our very generous friends at Empyrean.

    Very big thanks to them! And to our guest brewer and all of his notes and hand calcualtions Brendan.

    The Fermentation according to an eye witness is “insanely vigorous”. It should be another excellent addition to the cellar.

    Brother Joshua

  3. Brendan Says:

    I have 7.5 gallons going in the brink, with a little vinyl hose on for a blowoff.

    and now the yeast has crawled all the way up the keg and out the tube.

    I can’t imagine what’s up in GI.

  4. Brother David Says:

    I’ve got 5 gals of the control beer with a Lambic Blend pitched in the secondary with some honey and oak cubes. I plan letting the bugs work for about 8 weeks then adding some pepper and coriander for a week before bottling.

  5. LEE Says:

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