The brothers have been hard at work as of late.  In the past month they have brewed up 14 bbls of their most quaffable beer, the Brothers Cup and just added to the fermenter last weekend their Oktoberfest.  The Oktoberfest is slated to be released at the beginning of October just in time for the season, unlike other breweries who just like department stores seem to get theirs out earlier and earlier every year.  Heck, next year look for other breweries Oktoberfest to hit the shelves sometime around the 4th of July!Along with the Oktoberfest they have a CAP (classic American pilsner) in the works.  They are pushing to get that out in just in time for actual conference play during the football season so that tailgates large and small can have a pilsner they are proud to drink. That is all for now, stay tuned on where to locate the Brothers Cup and other releases from our brothers the Modern Monks. 

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